In accordance with the vision, strategy and mission of the Hotel Grand to provide high-quality, healthy and proper health safe services Director of the Hotel Grand Sarajevo brings:


Our policy is based on:

• Nourishing and improving relations with the guests and users of our services,

• Continuous improvement of the quality and safety of services that we provide,

• Providing our services on time as well as quality and improving business communications with partners,

• Ensuring continuity in the quality and health safety of purchasing raw materials, equipment, and materials, including the choice of reliable suppliers,

• On-going education of employees who perform tasks important for health security of food and beverages,

• Developing and marketing services in line with modern technological accomplishments of processing, preparation and placement of gastronomic delights,

• Creating conditions for continuous improvement of all business processes,

• Continuous analysis of all hazards in the food chain and establishing a control system which is based on HACCAP principles.